Skriware 2

Skriware 2 product review

Skriware, a Polish-Swedish startup released its latest 3D printing model at the Gitex Technology Week 2017. The newest 3D printer is called Skriware 2. This model is the successor of the company’s first kick starter-funded device. Skriware 2 is the 3D printer for beginners in the 3D printing industry. It is a Plug’n’Play device that can be used by everyone because of its user-friendly interface.

What are the specifications of this 3D printer model? What makes it better from available 3D printers in the market? What are the possible drawbacks of this 3D printing device? Features and the product review of this latest 3D printer are found below.

Skriware 2 highlights its 7-inch display of full-color touch screen. It offers direct access to online 3D libraries. This feature allows the preparation and fabrication of any 3D model. It does not require additional software from other device to function. This 3D printer has tough industrial design and its case is made from powder-coated steel. The metal design is for the improvement of its appearance and durability. The standard color of the framework is black and white. Other colors are also available, but getting them requires additional payment.

Skriware 2 is a user-friendly 3D printer that is packed with innovative features. It offers several enhancements compared to its predecessor. This 3D printer has an intuitive software and a powerful hardware. Its interface is simple and easy to use. It has automatic material detection in its software. This feature detects the amount and type of loaded filament in the printer. Its live camera feed offers remote monitor and control over the prints. This camera allows convenient manipulation of 3D printing settings. It makes the progress analysis of 3D prints easier.

This 3D printer has bigger build volume. Its dimension is 21x26x21 cm that allows ambitious printing capacity. Its dual extrusion system enables instantaneous printing of different materials and colors. It allows the freedom to choose different color combinations. It offers automatic water soluble PVA that can improve surface quality. It provides excellent print quality because of the reduced vibrations during the printing process. This printer offers connection for Ethernet, USB drive, and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connectivity is only good for cloud printing.

Skriware 2 makes 3D printing easy. Preparing the model and printing the design are made simple with its intuitive controls. It provides an improved printing bed. This printing bed is magnetic and flexible. It is heated and removable with PEI surface. This feature makes the model stick during the printing process and ensures easy removal of printed models after. The functionality of this enhanced print bed makes it a brilliant match for 3D printing newbies.

The printing bed also has auto-leveling features. It offers inductive and proximity sensor scans that eliminates unevenness in the printed layers. This feature creates incredible quality of printed products.

This 3D printer supports many kinds of filament for printing. Some of the filament types accepted by this printer are ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, PET, Nylon, Flex, wood, metals, among others. Its automatic filament detection feature scans the filament type during loading process. The printer automatically adjusts the printing properties to match the loaded material. Skriware 2 also shows the amount of filament left in the printer and warns the user when it is running low. This feature prevents surplus of prints.

Despite the admirable features of Skriware 2, it has its own disadvantages. This product lacks appeal for veteran users of the 3D printing market. It is short on technological advances that can cater the needs of professional users. Because of its design, mechanical issues are harder to fix. The metal enclosure also limits the upgrade of this product.