Felix Tec 4 3D Printer

Felix Tec 4 3D Printer

Felix Printers is a recognized brand in the 3D printing industry. Recently, it has launched an addition to its highly-acclaimed Tec series – the FELIX Tec 4. True enough, the Tec 4 possesses the style, reliability, and functionality that only Felix Printers can provide.

Usability and Personalization

The Felix Tec 4 comes with a large LCD screen which has a user-friendly interface. It runs on the Repetier-Host, an open source software developed for Felix Printer. Being the successor of the equally reliable Felix 3L, the Tec 4 boasts an array of upgrades, including an improved set of control buttons, the integration of automatic software leveling, and Bump-Map Registration.

This 3D printer comes in two versions: the assembled version and the DIY kit. The assembled version is recommended for beginners with little knowledge about setting up a 3D printer. On the other hand, those with more technical experiences may opt for the DIY kit, which gives them the freedom to customize the machine according to their printing needs. Personalization options include the choice of installing a single or a dual extruder, and selecting the printer’s body color.

Another noteworthy feature of the Tec 4 is its handy size. With a height of 520 mm, width of 450 mm, and length of 410 mm, this printer can neatly sit on the user’s work desk. This model also weighs around 10 kg, which guarantees that it is strong and heavy enough to stay in place.

Design Freedom

Felix Printers designed the Tec 4 with its users in mind. The company wanted to create a 3D printer which allows users to build exactly what they have in mind, so it made sure that the Tec 4 is packed with features to guarantee just that.

One such feature is the ability to work with water soluble support material. With this feature, users can create complex and intricate geometric designs. Once the object has been printed out, it can be soaked in water to dissolve the excess soluble material – leaving users with a clean and accurate final print.

Tec 4 has two individual print heads. This gives users the freedom to use different materials without the need to change print heads, thereby creating desired results in less time and with less effort.

Tec 4 also features the new Felix BuildPlate technology. This new feature guarantees the safe removal of printed objects from the platform. Since the BuildPlate is easily bendable, the final product easily pops off without suffering from any damage.


More than the ability to create accurate prints, the Tec 4 is built to last. This Felix model is made with full metal print heads with Teflon tubes, which can withstand head travel speeds of up to 200 mm/s.

The Tec 4 3D printer also has a heated platform, semi-automatic levelling support, two manual levelling wheels, and a 0.35-mm nozzle which has a build speed of up to 15 mm3/s.

Material compatibility

The Felix Tec 4 can with an array of materials to help users create accurate output. Compatible material includes all kinds of wood, polyactic acid (PLA), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polyfflex, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PET-G), and any other filament which melts under 275 °C.

Other Features

Users can select between five-layer resolutions, ranging from 250 microns to 50 microns, with each layer resolution level having a 50-micron interval.

The printer’s software runs on Linux, but it also supports other operating systems like Mac OS X and higher, and Windows 7 and higher. The Tec 4 also proves to be a worthy investment, since it can be upgraded to the next generation of Tec series.